Surrendering to God and Energy

Surrendering to God frees up an enormous amount of energy. We can use that to enjoy life more.

We have an enormous amount of energy available to us. Why not go ahead and gain the benefits of that energy?


2 Responses to “Surrendering to God and Energy”

  1. Tomas Says:

    That looks like the miracle, but it is the reality. Surrending to God frees up indeed an enormous amount of energy. It is the fruits of our faith and trust in Jesus Christ that sweeten our days and gift the meaning to our life.
    However, that miraculous energy isn’t impersonal but has the name. She is the Holly Spirit that comforts me in my strictly limited life of the disabled.

    The depth of our steps is defined by our Love.

  2. mombacho Says:

    OR, it might be that it’s just the act of surrendering that makes the difference: giving up worrying and just getting on with life. There is no need to posit a God to free up your energy.

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