Goals, Problems, and John Lennon

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Classical Music for a Lift

Classical music can be extremely uplifting. It increases your productivity.

It provides a tremendous background for your daily life.

Here is some for you.

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Work – A Masterpiece of Joy, Love, and Art

Work can be a masterpiece of joy. This applies to just about any work. We can be cleaning up after horses. Or we can be running a major corporation. We could be earning below minimum wage. Or we could be making a seven figure income.

In just about any case our work can be a masterpiece of joy.

How do we do this? It depends on how we look at it. When we look at things differently, we experience them differently. And quite often the things we’re looking at change.

For example, if we’re doing house cleaning for a living, we can dedicate our work to God and / or our families. We can recognize that we’re bringing order and cleanliness to a part of the world.

We can choose to make the housework a masterpiece of art. Perhaps we can do something special to make the house slightly more beautiful.

We can work while we’re observing our selves with love and observing the environment with love. There are many such processes in this blog.

We can work while improving our ability to see the hidden beauty in everyone and everything.

Intention is key. If we’re working with the intention of getting away from the work, we’re likely to suffer. If we work with the intention of contributing to some worthy cause, our work can be joyous.

If we work to serve our clients, employers, or consumers then the work can be a happy experience.

We can do this even if we’re unemployed or retired. There always some area requiring work. It might be helping ourself. It might be helping friends. It might be some form of volunteer work. It might be working at finding a job. It might be creating a business. It might be doing a blog 🙂

Working with joy improves our overall well being.

Young Artist Inspired By God

There has been a recent phenomenon that has been documented by CNN and now YouTube.

A 12 year old prodigy named Akiane Kramarik taught herself to paint when she was six years old. She started having visions of God when she was four years old. A few months ago she decided to learn the piano. Now she is composing music.

You’ll be amazed by the following videos. Akiane is truly inspired by God.

Finding Unconditional Love

Do you want unconditiional love? Get a dog. Sometimes it works with a cat.

These friends can be amazing teachers. What would life be like if we looked at everyone the way our dogs look at us?

A wonderful personal goal is to become as good as our dogs think we are.

Devotional Writing

Guided Meditation – Loving Your self

Are you looking for love in all the wrong places? Do you know how powerful it is to simply love your self?

You can get benefits similar to being loved by someone else. Actually the benefits are much better and dependable, because you’re not depending on someone else for love.

Loving our self tends to dissolve ego limitations. The ego thrives on suffering. Loving ourself tends to dissolve suffering.

This guided meditation can help. Why not give it a go?

Please click here for the guided meditation.

After doing the guided meditation, you probably feel really good.

Are you ready for more guided meditations?

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