Inviting God to Work Through Us

We can invite God to work through us. We can let go of the desire to control. We can let go of the desire for approval. We can let go of the desire to survive. We’ll survive anyway.

It feels absolutely wonderful.

It’s quite energizing.

We can remind ourselves throughout the day to keep doing this – letting God work through us. It becomes a constant mode of operation. It’s the best mode of operation we can have.

It’s the fast track to bliss.


2 Responses to “Inviting God to Work Through Us”

  1. Tomas Says:

    You are absolutely right. We awake and feel ourselves healed at a moment we give ourselves to God. We smile and stay in peace no matter what circumstances may come across our road when we are lead but faith and trust in God’s love and care.
    That’s the general truth but it becomes the most precious discovery of our own life and the most incredible stories flow from our lips as we share our life news.
    thus I usually start with a recollection of 1974 when my head bones where broken and I have walked on the edge of the death for a long time… the miracle has happened then and I was returned to life and even haven’t any visible signs of any disability now …
    However, that’s a story that far exceeds the limits of any comments and demands even not a whole blog but the alive our cooperation

  2. Jim Kitzmiller Says:

    That is beautiful, Tomas 🙂

    Thank you!

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