Guided Meditation – Loving Your self

Are you looking for love in all the wrong places? Do you know how powerful it is to simply love your self?

You can get benefits similar to being loved by someone else. Actually the benefits are much better and dependable, because you’re not depending on someone else for love.

Loving our self tends to dissolve ego limitations. The ego thrives on suffering. Loving ourself tends to dissolve suffering.

This guided meditation can help. Why not give it a go?

Please click here for the guided meditation.

After doing the guided meditation, you probably feel really good.

Are you ready for more guided meditations?

Please click here for a list of all available guided meditations.


11 Responses to “Guided Meditation – Loving Your self”

  1. Tomas Says:

    loving our self is good indeed. It happens at a moment we recognize ourselves in other and we become free of any dependence at a moment we comprehend our essential spiritual oneness that simply didn’t exist in case I am just my I and mine.
    Some time ago I have taken some exercises for breathing. I sensed indeed grand then, but quite soon the question has afflicted me: what for am I rejoicing? (Sorry for my Lithuanian English, but I hope you have understood me).
    While freely breathing, I was ashamed for my selfishness and my independence has become the most heavy burden.
    I think any place we would look for love would be wrong place, because we are not to look for the love (that is equal not to accept the present moment-to deny what we encounter on the road)), but to accept the love that is the essential feature of the spirituality.

  2. Jim Kitzmiller Says:

    Thank You Tomas. I love your insights.

  3. Tomas Says:

    It is easy to say “Thank You. I love your insights”
    It is joyful to hear the above mentioned and to reply “Thank you” in turn.
    However, what does that mean?
    Indifference hurts us all, however, too often the politeness does the same, ultimately appears to be just empty words-the barren tree.
    Sorry for emotions amd my impatience to reap fruits

  4. Jim Kitzmiller Says:

    Hi Tomas 🙂

    The Dale Carnegie Course teaches “Since I’ve learned to be specific, I’m tremendous, I’m terrific.” So let’s see if I can be more specific.

    Yes, so called “others” are not just mirrors for who we’re being, they are part of our true Self.

    I’ve done training and facilitating in Transformational Breathing, a very powerful technique that helps people move to higher states of being. It is common for people, when doing the breathing process, to move through some very uncomfortable feelings and finally come to a new state of happiness and realization. It’s a joy to help with the process.

    Yes, love is part of our Divine nature and the Divine nature of so-called “others”.

    Thank you for encouraging me to be specific.


  5. Tomas Says:

    Dear Jim,
    thank you for comments. Let me share one of my sightings. Most people understand the value of human relationships and long for the purity there – seek the love. The results are quite interesting- the most enjoy talking with ourselves and are convinced that listening to them may benefit all. Do we need to wonder why the loneliness spread around the world in spite of of lots wonderful quotation?
    However, lets lead aside the irony. Have a look. our correspondence looks nice, but is it the correspondence? No one could found a single your word on my blog. Thus can I name our “chatter” somehow otherwise as the collection of monologues?

  6. Tomas Says:

    I know, it is cold outside now. That’s natural. It is the winter and the summer will come and it will be warm outside as it is in the bed now. But does that is worthy talking about? Maybe, no, but I like writing in English, That creates the illusion of some-worth (no one in my environment talk English, while I manage a little. Wow, but I it would be unfair to hide, I must confess I am uneducated and considered as unfit to anything… I am work-less and while siting at home play serious man- I even started an edit Modus Vivendi blog ( I am sorry, but nobody from peoples I describe has a chance to look at computer and didn’t understand English a word.
    Sorry for I dared to bother you. I understand the needlessness of this letter, but cant help myself and keep writing- for the last time. Please. click my links (all my locations on web that I mentioned on my blog) That is all I can at a moment. Yes, I am Tomas whose head bones were broken and who walked on the edge of the death for a long, but the miracle has happened and I was returned to life without any visible signs of any disability … and without chance to participate in the life feast of wise adults… I can talk with spiritual realms and even to feel they touch tangible but I have no documents to be accepted even in a kinder-garden.
    Do you need all above mentioned? Of course not. My story is needless to any, and maybe my pictures are interesting just to me too.
    In any case, I would like you would know I was very happy to have some exchange of comments with you. Thank you.

  7. Jim Kitzmiller Says:

    Hi Tomas 🙂

    Sometimes when we apply a process to do one thing, the opposite comes up when we’re part way through.

    This post, and the guided meditation, are about Loving Your self. It can bring up the opposite – not loving your self.

    The way to handle that is to do the process. Do the guided meditation.

    It would help to start with the guided meditation on Observing Your self. The meditation helps quiet the mind.

    You can find them both by clicking here.

    It might help to do them both at least once per day. It also helps to take a walk and appreciate the surroundings.


  8. Paul Says:

    Hi to U All,

    Thanks for those meditation. I like them so much that I would begin and end my day with those meditations.

    So I would like to listen them from my MP3 player.
    Does somebody knows ore there are mp3 files from those meditations ?


    Paul (from the Neteherlands)

  9. Paul Says:

    I received just through the mail the MP3 files.
    Thanks Jim.

    If someone needs them also, let me know (I gues that is ok with Jim) and I’ll send them.

    Have a nice day with a lot af love for you all,


  10. MaxSpeederIAM Says:

    A great read, very informative
    Been looking for a blog like this one for a while
    Keep up the good work.


  11. Idetrorce Says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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