Meditation Vacations Site – Major Upgrade

The Meditation Vacations website has had a major upgrade.

In addition to being much easier to navigate, the site contains useful tools and information to help you reach states of bliss and inner peace.

The objective is to recognize Divine Essence.

Observer Meditations help you step out of any false identities and utilize the powerful leverage of your observer self. These guided meditations include the highly regarded Observing Your self meditation. With several hundred meditators per day, this might be the most popular meditation on YouTube.

Space Meditations take you a quantum leap further and help you recognize Divine Essence.

There is information about the extremely effective book Rocket Fuel for the Soul – Blissercise Self-Help Manual. The book contains over 400 powerful blissercises (bliss exercises) to rocket your life experience.

And, of course, there are meditation related articles to give you new perspectives and vital basics for spiritual growth.

Just for fun, you can test yourself on where you stand in duality or Oneness.

You can find it all at


3 Responses to “Meditation Vacations Site – Major Upgrade”

  1. Tomas Says:

    Thank you. Recognition of the Divine Essence as comforts us, as changes the approach at the world and ourselves. That uplifts and is the greatest reward out of itself.

  2. Matt Says:

    Dear Jim,

    Its nice to know about Observer meditation and Space meditation. I think they will be great. I will soon find out.

    I have been practicing mediation for quite sometime now. I can simply say that it is great. The experience that I gained from relaxation meditation techniques was a great help in my life.

    Divine essence is present and experiencing it is something that can really up lift our senses and ourselves. I felt the same with relaxation meditation techniques .
    I would also like to recommend: for learning all the needed information about meditation.

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