Self Observation and Oneness

Observing the self exposes the falsehood of the apparent separateness of the self from the true Self. It’s a step toward Oneness.


Loving Music for Happiness and Rewriting the Past

Listening to and loving this lifetime’s music tends to recontextualize our past into a very happy one. We can change our life memories into experiences of pure joy — at least as far as how we feel now and in the future.

Subscribe to a music service. Pick songs you love the most. Just listen to the music, move, and love it.

Beauty – Perceive It to Create It

Beauty. Beauty is all around us. We just have to look beyond the covers. We create our covers by the way that we perceive things. We can perceive beauty instead.

Bliss Writing – A Prayer of Gratitude and a Gift to the World

Bliss writing is my prayer of gratitude. Bliss writing can simultaneously be a prayer and a gift to the world.

Everyone can do it.

Love is Everywhere

We have love around us. It’s everywhere. All we have to do is to lift the veil we’ve created and feel the love. It’s without limit.

Observing, Feelings, Love, And Serenity

When observing our feelings with love, we can reach a state of serenity.

Let Go and Let God — Divine Creativity

By observing feelings with love, we can be creators. It’s much easier to create as the observer.

However, we channel God’s Divine power when we let go of control and ask God to work through us.

We can be creators through the free will granted us by God. But, the greatest creation of all is to let go of exercising our free will for a while, and invite God to work through us. This is Divine Creation.