Test Your self – Oneness or Duality

Here’s a fun exercise to do in a few spare moments. You can test your self to see where you stand in your pursuit of Oneness -assuming you’re interested in such a pursuit. Well, okay it’s not really a pursuit. It’s what you recognize yourself as being.

The test takes only a few minutes and gives you some wonderful things to contemplate. You might want to do the test before and after some spiritual program and see if there are any changes.

Of course when we’re in Oneness, tests are meaningless. But what the heck. Why not have some fun.


May the bliss be with you.

Jim Kitzmiller


Guided Meditation — Experiencing Your Own Divinity

When you meditate to experience your own divinity, you are creating a most wonderful world for yourself.

The one who is aware of his Divinity while in the body is in a state of bliss beyond description, transcending bondage and liberation. This is here, now.

Sri Ramana Maharshi
“Upadesa Saram” (Essence of Teaching), Verse 29

When you are experiencing your own divinity, you experience life with joy.

When you are also loving others and experiencing their divinity, you are living heaven on earth.

This guided meditation could bring you into The Silence fairly quickly. Enjoy!!!

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Inviting God to Work Through Us

We can invite God to work through us. We can let go of the desire to control. We can let go of the desire for approval. We can let go of the desire to survive. We’ll survive anyway.

It feels absolutely wonderful.

It’s quite energizing.

We can remind ourselves throughout the day to keep doing this – letting God work through us. It becomes a constant mode of operation. It’s the best mode of operation we can have.

It’s the fast track to bliss.

Guided Meditation – Observing Your self

The best way to get out of a thinking frenzy or uncomfortable emotions is to simply step out.

Huh? Yes! When you observe yourself you step out of all that stuff. Voila!!! Instant relief!!!

In meditation, self observation is the most important and fundamental step. Unfortunately, many self help systems overlook this completely.

The idea is to observe your self without judgement.

Have you spent years trying to quiet your mind? Okay, let’s experience a quiet mind right now.

Please click here for the guided meditation.

After you’ve done the guided meditation, you probably feel quite relaxed.

Would you like to do this every day?

Are you ready for more guided meditations?

Please click here for a complete list of guided meditations.

Oneness – Lifting The Veil of Impressions

Observing Other People’s Beliefs About Us

Carl Jung said that what we resist persists. It’s also true that what we welcome dissolves.

So if we lovingly observe beliefs others have about us, those beliefs tend to dissolve.

What we’re really dissolving is our beliefs about what the other person believes. This tends to empower the other person to dissolve their beliefs about us.

We’re helping ourselves. And we’re helping the other person.

In Oneness we have no labels, beliefs, or opinions. We have no desires or resistances. It’s all perfect.

Expressing Gratitude and Feeling Good

Expressing gratitude to others is a step towards Oneness. Not only that, it feels really good.