Test Your self – Oneness or Duality

Here’s a fun exercise to do in a few spare moments. You can test your self to see where you stand in your pursuit of Oneness -assuming you’re interested in such a pursuit. Well, okay it’s not really a pursuit. It’s what you recognize yourself as being.

The test takes only a few minutes and gives you some wonderful things to contemplate. You might want to do the test before and after some spiritual program and see if there are any changes.

Of course when we’re in Oneness, tests are meaningless. But what the heck. Why not have some fun.


May the bliss be with you.

Jim Kitzmiller


Feeling God’s Unconditional Love

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Young Artist Inspired By God

There has been a recent phenomenon that has been documented by CNN and now YouTube.

A 12 year old prodigy named Akiane Kramarik taught herself to paint when she was six years old. She started having visions of God when she was four years old. A few months ago she decided to learn the piano. Now she is composing music.

You’ll be amazed by the following videos. Akiane is truly inspired by God.

Devotional Writing

Opening the Door to God

Inviting God to Work Through Us

We can invite God to work through us. We can let go of the desire to control. We can let go of the desire for approval. We can let go of the desire to survive. We’ll survive anyway.

It feels absolutely wonderful.

It’s quite energizing.

We can remind ourselves throughout the day to keep doing this – letting God work through us. It becomes a constant mode of operation. It’s the best mode of operation we can have.

It’s the fast track to bliss.