Guided Meditations

Observing Your self

The best way to get out of a thinking frenzy or uncomfortable emotions is to simply step out. Huh? Yes! When you observe yourself you step out of all that stuff. Voila!!! Instant relief!!! More InfoListen Now

Loving Your self

Are you looking for love in all the wrong places? Do you know how powerful it is to simply love your self?

You can get benefits similar to being loved by someone else. Actually the benefits are much better and dependable, because you’re not depending on someone else for love. More InfoListen Now


2 Responses to “Guided Meditations”

  1. ryan Says:

    verry intressting..

  2. sydney Says:

    more would be much appreciated. these videos are perfectly minimal and progressive.

    could you incorperate the techniques of TM meditation? i heard it’s a very power form of meditation. it costs too much for a student like myself though.

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