Prayer of Surrender

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4 Responses to “Prayer of Surrender”

  1. Tom Herder Says:

    Nice one, Jim! Quite beautiful and simple.

    A good thing to remember during the prayer, too…
    Who is the “I’…is it Jim, (the human being) or the Atman (the inner self) speaking the prayer?

  2. Jim Kitzmiller Says:

    Very good point, Tom. The little self is surrendering itself to God.

    I have plenty of room for new realizations.

  3. nopathatall Says:

    no path at all

    there is no path
    but the path
    which is no path at all

    the past and the
    future are
    memories and dreams that

    are not framing
    the present
    they are not real per se

    just in your mind
    use it to
    see the perfection that is

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